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Family program

kidsfits, the family program from Lia Rumantscha, provides content for families, nursery schools, playgroups and kindergartens. kidsfits stands for confident children who enjoy speaking Romansh. kidsfits is available in all idioms and in "Rumantsch Grischun" (RG).

Children are the future of society and the Romansh culture. That's why it is especially important to foster the learning of Romansh among them. Parents, educators and other people who play a prominent part in children's everyday lives can influence this learning greatly. Lia Rumantscha supports this learning in many ways such as with books, sound recordings and games, but also with information about language and children. It organises meetings with teachers and in doing so, stimulates the exchange of ideas. Educators are able to express their wishes and make suggestions. The website provides an overview of our activities. It is updated and enlarged continuously. The focus is currently on working with pre-school age children.

Further information can found on the Romansh and German sections of the website.