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Bainvegni tar la Lia Rumantscha

Lia Rumantscha has been the umbrella organisation for all Romansh-speaking individuals and organisations since 1919. It is a charitable institution that is neutral on matters of politics and religious belief. Its mandate under public law is that it should use funding from the state and from the canton to support the Romansh language and culture.

From its headquarters in Chur, Lia Rumantscha supports, promotes and coordinates the work of regional associations, inter-regional bodies and Romansh organisations outside Graubünden. Delegates from these affiliated associations vote once a year at the Delegates' Meeting on the program of work and the budget for Lia Rumantscha.



Dis d'aventuras

Aventuras rumantschas

Er quest onn datti puspè Dis d'aventuras rumantschs a Turitg e conturn cun ina vasta purschida interessanta - da chant e musica fin cuschinar e far experiments magics.


prelecziuns per uffants «Stgazi dîstorgias».

Stgazi dad istorgias

La Lia Rumantscha e l'Uniun Rumantscha Cuira envidan ina giada al mais a prelecziuns per uffants en la Biblioteca da la citad da Cuira.


Scola rumantscha a Turitg

Scola rumantscha a Turitg

Las lecziuns rumantschas da la Scola rumantscha a Turitg cumenzan ils 18 da settember 2024. Avais Vus interess da trametter Voss uffant a l'instrucziun da rumantsch?

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L'urs en citad
Katja Gehrmann
Lia Rumantscha
rumantsch grischun
CHF 12.50
Simona Demarmels , Anna Negrini
Chasa Editura Rumantscha
rumantsch grischun / surmiran
CHF 24.00
Jachen Andry
tudestg / franzos / talian / vallader
CHF 35.00
Jürg Gautschi
Chasa Editura Rumantscha
CHF 28.00

Selection from our range


Ina scena or dal teater "Tredeschin" per il giubileum da 100 onns Lia Rumantscha.

Financial contributions

We support cultural projects with up to CHF 90'000 per year and advise creative artists of all artistic disciplines in the interdisciplinary, socio-cultural and popular cultural fields. We also support language and educational projects.



Maletg da simbol per curs rumantschs che illustrescha trais scolaras ed ina scolasta.

Romansh courses

With us you can learn any of the five idioms or the standardised Rumantsch Grischun language. Running Romansh courses is an important part of our work. 



Maletg simbolic per las cussegliaziuns da la Lia Rumantscha.


Would you like advice on all aspects of Romansh? 
We are happy to advise you on questions regarding language, culture, education or representation of interests.



Fotografia dal Pledari Grond da la Lia Rumantscha.

Pledari Grond

The Pledari Grond is an online platform that combines dictionaries of the idioms and Rumantsch Grischun under one roof. The dictionaries Rumantsch Grischun, Surmiran and Sutsilvan can be continuously supplemented by the editors of the Pledari Grond with suggestions made by the users. We want to realize this possibility of expanding the vocabulary soon for the other idioms as well.



Nic e Luisa

Family program

kidsfits, the new family program from Lia Rumantscha, provides content for families, nursery schools, playgroups and kindergartens.



Maletg cun dicziunaris rumantschs che furman ina tuor.

Translations and proofreading

We translate and proofread texts of all kinds into Rumantsch Grischun and the idioms. Translations are mainly from German, occasionally also from Italian, French and English.